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Layout Time!!!

Seeing as I’ve barely mentioned what my secret base really LOOKS like in opt for just telling you that I am just going there, I think this would be an ideal time to tell you all about the inside.

Well, first of all, my secret base is usually hidden in various places on Earth, for when I am disguised as a human and need a place to recharge and revamp my disguise if I have found people looking at me suspiciously–because, really, who takes the time and magical energy to make pointed ears round when you can just cover them with thick, curly hair?…Even if the points do slip through at times…

Ok then. My secret base is often located on mountains, islands, or some remote clearing in the middle of the woods. I can call upon it anytime I wish, wherever I am, and it will appear, the entrance grafted and painstakingly glamoured with magic to blend in perfectly with its surrondings; however, to me, there will always be a slight shimmer around the entrance so I can see it. I only have one, because it takes too much auraence-energy (the magic used to maintain the condition of illusions and glamours even when not in use) to keep more than one or two under mint condition at all times. Inside, there is a long, narrow, dark corridor with light at the end, so that if a human does manage to enter, they will immediately think they are dying and back out ASAP. Actually, the corridor is an illusion too, visible to all but me. In reality, the door opens up into a room with a narrow steel-framed bed in the top left corner, a rather large desk right next to it, covered with my scribblings and magical elixirs, a chest of immediate-refresh supplies in the top right, next to a door leading to the bathroom. The floor of the main room has a braided rug that I made who knows how many centuries ago, and it is quite worn out by now. On the right-hand wall, a doorway leads to the cookroom, where I can make myself some food and drink using the endless supplies charmed to never expire in the pantry, and because I have no windows, bunches of lamps decorate the walls–except for the area above my desk, as it is filled with all sorts of memos to myself.

That’s about it. I know, it’s a lot more less comfy than you imagined. But oh well, it serves its purpose and requires minimal energy to maintain, so, why not? Oh, and a little quote from that human writer, Dr. Seuss:

“We are all a little weird, and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE.”

Good Day Then.

Cat Le Claw, signing out.

Miscellaneous Events

Good Day as usual. I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last updated. Well then, the borders are mostly fixed, though the Topaz Gauntlets will still be staying back to tweak a bit of the protection glyphs. Lucia and Loria Monterde are doing expressionlessly well, as usual, Klub Hrrrr is out of commision and will not receive any more posts, however, thetanzanitegauntlet.weebly.com is faring well, as Prime Lieutenant Mia diligently updates it much more than I update imontrack, and school is about to begin. Angela Foresti, Qwertyuiop, Stewart, and some new kid whose name I do not yet have clearance to mention here, seeing as I’ve barely met him, and I are starting a new story. Hope this one works!

And on that happy note, I will return to my Secret Base, seeing as I am currently flying out here in the middle of nowhere and am rather in need of some food and rest. I’ll probably get food. Rest, maybe not. Time Zones are difficult to manage.

Cat Le Claw, signing out.

Let it be Known.

Let it be Known. My computer had a fiddleydoodle while I was away over March Break, so the nice black-and-orange theme I had cannot function on my computer. So, I am forced to relocate the theme to the original Spectrum, which, on second thought, isn’t all that bad either. I am also working on a new Sagaland glyph language. Let it be Known.

Cat Le Claw, Wintermute Border, reporting out.

Silver Starr Quaza, Skyberia IceBase, bids thee Hello

Ugh. WHY DO THE BORDERS HAVE TO FAIL…AGAIN! And on top of that, the Cynthians have constructed a website that seems to be solely for the purpose of rambling on about how Sagaland completely ignores Discworld and its realms (like Cynthiania). I believe Cat knows, as do Ivori, Qwertyuiop (I think), Zookie, Fishy, Mr & Mrs Crane, Mr. Sparrow, Stewart (Again, I think), Morissa (Cat’s scribe), me, and many other people, about the Discworld and Cynthiania. So you see, we aren’t completely ignorant. Heck, we even trade with them! Plus (and I think Cat spoke to Angela Mercedes about this as well) Sagaland is kind of like Discworld, too: A big, empty space consisting of many realms, and its neighbours, the Discworld Cynthians, don’t bother to learn all ITS separate realms, preferring to instead call it “Sagaland”. Honestly. And about the name “Discworld” being corny, well, “Sagaland” is equally corny. So how can they complain?

But I think I’ve rambled on a little TOO much about Discworld. Well, there isn’t much to report here, except that the Great White Spar has split into TWO spars, so we’ve named them The Twins. Plus, we have found that Brink Peak is plentiful in delicious fish and ptarmigan (as well as some nice-tasting Dewbuds), so we now launch hunting expositions there instead of the Great White Spar, which, as formerly mentioned, has fallen, bringing most of its game with it. 

…Great! It’s hailing! Now we can play Gauntlet with the hailstones after it’s stopped! The soldiers here haven’t trained in a while – Gauntlet will bring them up to speed soon enough. As for Gauntlet, well, let’s just say it’s hard to throw the rocks and even harder to dodge them. No, it’s not dodgeball with rocks (though that’s pretty fun, too). More like 10 against 1 crossfire training. As little dragons Ivori and I played it. Really, it’s quite fun, no matter what you may think.

Well, it’s lunchtime now. (Seared fish with Dewbud dew – mmm!) Good-bye (and good luck winning Gauntlet)!

Silver Starr Quaza, Currently heading to lunch, bids thee farewell.

Icy Dragonz Report-4

Turret 3, Room 5 of the Castle

Cat Le Claw

Hello again to everybody, criminals, soldiers, aristocrats notwithstanding. The conditions at Skyberia have finally let up enough for me to run back to Claw Cove to make a quick update. Assuming you all know the order of these matters, we shall begin with no further delay!

Quicksilver Stock:

Camp Jupiter: 3 Imperial Gold Legion Standards

Angel & Co. : 10 Flutterby Angel Swords

David Dragonz Newpapers: 100 Rolls of Parchment + 50 papyrus sheets + 1 Riddle Book

Ant. Co: 10 Bolts of Denim, 2 yards of wool in Assorted Colours

Dragonz Fashion: 5 yards of silk, 1 length of knotted rope (the “trend” these days; don’t ask why)

News: Chinese New Year is approaching rapidly, and everybody wants to buy Dragony decorations to celebrate! Unfortunately, until now, most of those have had to been imported, and were always on short supply. Now, however, they are available to one and all! A friend of Princess Ivori’s, named Emerald Cordelia Blaize, is an Asian dragon who, funded by war spoils, will be opening a chain of shops all across Sagaland selling these prestigious items year-round, as well as some other Chinese decorations, all at low prices. Consult your local stateposts for a store near you.

Fashion: Dragon Headresses, Monkey King Mystery Boxes 2012, and Bento Collections are out! Avaliable until Jan. 25, 2012. Hurry!

So, that’s all, I guess. The next update probably won’t be happening soon-the ancient Discworld borders are beginning to collapse-but rest assured I will take my laptop with me on my journeys, and get Silver to write in some more war reports. Goodbye for now!

Cat Le Claw

Turret 3, Room 5 of the Castle.


Note. So, since Christmas Vacation has begun, from this point on Imontrack will be closed and all news will be posted on Klub Hrrr (klubhrrrr.yolasite.com) until the end of Christmas Vacation. Good Day.

Cat Le Claw, Brink Reinforcement Centre, Rim of Giants, reporting out.

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